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Jones Gill Porter Crawford and Crawford LLP assists oilfield service and equipment providers with their collection and lien preparation against contractors and operators.  We can prepared liens in all the situations where a lien could be filed based on timeliness and cost effectiveness including liens claimed against private, state, and federal lands, as well as against state and federal offshore locations, and also against pipelines, both onshore and offshore.

Just as important of the decision to approve credit for equipment and supplies to a contractor or operator, is the decision to effectively pursue collection in situations where that extension of trust has now been violated.  Often, collection can put the sales and field personnel in direct conflict with the credit and legal department of a company.  Our approach in collection is to achieve the highest possible recovery while maintaining, if possible, the customer relationship.

Liens. We handle all aspects of the lien preparation and perfection process including:

  • Subcontractor Notice
  • Lien Affidavit or Statement of Lien
  • Notice of Filed Lien
  • Suit to Foreclose Lien
  • Notice of Lis Pendens

Collection. We handle all aspects of the collection process including:

  • Initial Demand Letter
  • Original Petition or Complaint
  • Litigation and Discovery
  • Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Post-Judgment Collection

Creditor’s Rights. Our collection experience also includes creditor representation in bankruptcy, including:

  • Proof of Claim
  • Notice of Lien Perfection
  • Defense of Preference or Fraudulent Transfer Claim
  • Administrative Expense Claims
  • Disclosure Statement Approval
  • Plan Confirmation

In addition to providing legal services for liens, collection, and creditor’s rights, Jones Gill Porter Crawford and Crawford LLP can also advise credit and legal department personnel as to improving their credit approval process from revising credit applications, master services agreements, and personal guarantees.  We also provide the credit and legal department personnel information regarding claim and lien deadlines in all of the states we currently are licensed to practice.

If you are in need of legal assistance for collection on any of your credit accounts or would like more information, please contact us.